Skip the Salon and Head to the Bar

Have you ever wanted a blow-out, but felt too embarrassed to call your fancy hairdresser for a meaningless-part-of-their-day appointment? Believe me; we have all been in those rollers too. Thanks to co-founder Alli Webb of Drybar, you don’t have to feel ashamed anymore. Drybar, L.A.’s first-ever sole blow-out salon opens its doors and turns on its hair dryers in February. For a tiny fee of $35, you will leave the salon with a gorgeous blow-out and maybe even a little buzz. The concept was created when Webb would blow-out clients from her home and realized women wanted great hair and an even better price. The salon’s idea is centered on a bar more than a typical hair salon environment, complete with an actual blow-out bar, cocktails and a television. There is more than one style to choose from. Hair styles range from the “Manhattan,” (sleek and smooth) to the “Cosmopolitan,” (loose curls) to the “Straight Up” (signature blowout). There are five styles to choose from that suit your mood and other add-ons like scalp massages to boost your experience. The Drybar also hosts private parties, brunch blowouts, and happy hour. Its location has yet to be determined, but you can visit their web site for more information. Is anyone up for a “Manhattan” and a delicious Cosmopolitan? I sure am.

Via: Style Section LA