Sir Winston Churchill’s Cigar Stump Sells for $7,000

Perhaps one of the world’s most memorable smokers was Sir Winston Churchill. In 1941, the Prime Minister of Britain enjoyed puffing cigar, and left the stump behind. A member of his staff picked it up and kept it safe to ensure that one day, it would survive as a piece of memorabilia. Her friend then picked it up and wanted to auction it off. All of his cigars carried the same mark and this one still bears the tag.

And after having raked in a staggering $7,000, we can only wonder if she’ll ever miss being the owner of the British politician’s souvenir.

Sir Winston Churchill was a great lover of cigars and they were one of the many reasons for the strokes he suffered. He died from his last stroke that paralyzed him at the age of 90 in 1965.

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