Revamped Cold War Jets For Sale

For $5 million, a Russian Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker jet is on sale. Only a pair of them will be available, as they were originally purchased by a company that intended to do some high-altitude research, but then went bust. Research finds that the jets can reach 57,000 feet.

With a top speed of Mach 1.8, which is more than 1,300 mph, and with a thrust-to-weight ratio greater than 1:1, which means that it can accelerate while climbing straight up, the Sukhoi SU-27 can compete among the best out there.

“We have a training program for any prospective owner,” said John Morgan, whose company restored the planes and are now selling them. They were actually at the forefront of the Cold War weaponry, but were never intended for combat or fitted with any weapons, but their performance is still there. Morgan’s team at Pride Aircraft has “zero timed” the airframe and engine, so the jet is exactly as it would be if it were completely brand new. They also made the jets more modern with Western instrumentation, radios, and GPS systems. Both planes are equipped with IFR, as well as U.S. avionics.

Even without the afterburners lit, these babies drink 1,000 -1,200 gallons of fuel per hour, and considering that a gallon of Jet A sells for around $4 -$5 dollars, it definitely won’t be cheap, but still worth owning considering their power and history.

Via: Luxury Insider