Los Angeles Included in Exclusive Travel Destination List for the Year

Those who live in and love Los Angeles will probably not be surprised to hear that yesterday their lovely city was included in the New York Travel section’s recommendation of 31 places to go in the world this year.

Listed between Leipzig and Shangai, Los Angeles was highlighted as one of the top places to set your sights on for 2010. Following Antarctica and Damascus, writer Andrew Ferren had this to say about Los Angeles:

Visitors love to bemoan the lack of an old-fashioned cultural neighborhood in Los Angeles. In truth, the city has as many thriving art spots as it does ZIP codes. Last October, the pioneering Culver City gallery Blum & Poe inaugurated an airy 21,000-square-foot space; in July, the veteran local dealer Thomas Solomon opened a space in Chinatown. And the powerhouse New York galleries L&M Arts and Matthew Marks are scheduled to open prominent spaces in 2010.

Local museums, many of which struggled financially in recent years, are back afloat. The Museum of Contemporary Art is celebrating its 30th birthday with a huge exhibition of 500 highlights from its outstanding collection of postwar art. In October, the vast Los Angeles County Museum of Art will get even bigger when it unveils a Renzo Piano-designed addition to its multiacre mid-Wilshire campus. And the billionaire collector Eli Broad, who has been both savior and villain to just about every major museum in town, is now looking to plant his own museum in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica or a third unnamed location.

While the city may now have to deal with a new influx of tourists, it’s certainly great news for Los Angeles. Congratulations!