John Thain’s Future After Merrill Lynch

When former Merrill Lynch CEO, John Thain, spoke to Bloomberg yesterday, he was asked about his future plans. Remaining rather unspecific, Thain made it clear that while nothing has been set in stone, he’s working things out. Today, there are new reports that while his answers were vague, his future may be somewhat more concrete than he’s letting on.

Thain is perhaps most well known for the $1.2 million office renovation that he conducted in the months prior to the sale of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America. But Thain appears to be lining up his future so that he won’t be remembered as “that guy.”

When Bloomberg asked about his future plans, Thain simply said, “I can’t really say yet, but I’m working on what I want to do next because I definitely do want to work.” While, for whatever reason, Thain may not have wanted to divulge too much information at the time, new reports from Bloomberg are indicating that he is in “talks to head CIT group, the small-business lender that just emerged from bankruptcy.”