Is The Beatrice Making A Comeback?

The buzz about The Beatrice is nothing new, but now the team says they are itching to re-open and reclaim their on top of the nightlife world from the Boom Boom. Could this mean bad news for the Boom Boom Room? “It’s very easy to pick up a crown when it’s lying on the floor. I’m not scared. I don’t necessarily love hanging out in a hotel. I feel like New Yorkers would rather go to a boutique than a department store. It’s got a great view, but let’s face it; it’s corporate,” said Impresario, Paul Sevigny. “There’s something so sensical and formulaic about having a club at the top of a hotel. Downtown New York is supposed to be the coolest place in the world. It’s not Los Angeles or Vegas,” said Beatrice co-owner, Matt Abramcyk.

Abramcyk, who also owns Smith and Mills and Warren 77, says he recently signed a lease for a subterranean West Village space that “sounds awfully similar” to the closed up Beatrice. Could there be two new NY hotspots emerging? We can’t wait to find out!

Via: Eater NY