Green Tea for Kings

People become very busy at the start of a New Year, don’t they? They join the gym and eat healthier in an attempt to lose those pounds accumulated with interest during the Holiday Season. I personally tend to overdose on the gym for the first week in January, and so much so, that I feel content not to attend again for the rest of the year. Detox is the name of the game for the first calendar month, and everybody wants in on it.

One of the coolest ways to cleanse your system these days is by consuming vast amounts of green tea. The public are becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of the drink, as producers seem to push it as the healthy option of the 21st century. However, if you want the best quality green tea money can buy, we here at Haute Living have the product for you.

Masa Super Premium can claim to be the finest green tea in production. With only 36 bottles to be made, the producer, Royal Blue Tea, has started to take reservations for this unique product. Each bottle will cost more than $2,500. The tea is made from leaves picked in Shizuoka, is infused for three days, and is then distributed in 750ml wine bottles.

A more expensive tea one is unlikely to find, however for the connoisseur of tea drinkers, and all things green, this really is a must have. Green Tea is known to contain anti-oxidants which can help against heart disease and cancer, and generally makes for a healthier body. I would, however, suggest you sample green tea before you reserve your bottle, as it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Via: Luxist