Green Homes: Hong Kong Space Saver

As one of the most densely populated places in the world with nearly 7 million inhabitants, Hong Kong is home to architect Gary Cheng who uses his own apartment as an outlet for innovative ways to make the most out of tiny city spaces.

Gary Cheng says his passion for architecture quickly became a necessity as he had to cope with cramped living space in a city of high-rise buildings stuffed with small apartments. Following the principle of Hong Kong real estate to use every bit of available space, Cheng had a lifetime experience of small space living allowing him to create a truly unique eco-friendly residence.

At only 330-square-feet, Cheng’s apartment is a luxuriously modern enclave where he finds everything has its own place. “Small area,” Cheng says, “but for us, small area means efficiency and user-friendliness.” Cheng shows that it’s possible to live in such small quarters while sacrificing nothing in user-ability.

Nicknaming his apartment Domestic Transformer, Cheng used a futuristic sliding wall system throughout the space allowing the option to make any room anything he wants. “The house transforms, and I don’t go anywhere, I’m always here, and the house moves for me,” he says.

His clever use of space allows the apartment to have more than 24 unique combinations. The mirrors on the ceilings serve two purposes; to create the illusion of more space, and an eco advantage with the combined reflective metal and glass surfaces working to increase the light value within the apartment.

To view a video of Cheng’s apartment, click here.