Getting In Touch With The Golden Globes

Living in Los Angeles means always knowing which awards shows are going on when, where they’re held, who’s hosting which parties, who helped Penelope find her dress, and which roads will be blocked off for each different venue.  Perhaps its time we lived with the awards in a more proactive and personal way – getting screeners mailed to you doesn’t count.  Los Angeles has many ways for you to become more intimately involved, for example, with the films nominated for this weekend’s Golden Globes.  Here’s what we’re not about to reveal: any possible way of becoming more intimate with George Clooney (Up In The Air) or Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria).  Think of this as your warm up before the Oscars – getting in touch with your truly LA, your truly cinematic, side.  (They are likely one and the same.)

Take Sherlock Holmes.  Have you ever wanted to feel a little more mysterious in your life?   We think its time you become an Accomplice.  Solving a mystery is never easy, especially while walking on the streets of LA – Accomplice sets you up with clues and cast members (or are they?) who help you along your journey toward solving the mystery.  It’s part improv show, part tour of LA, and part of your training toward becoming Sherlock Holmes 2.0.  (Or, Watson 2.0, at least).

Still stuck on Up in the Air? So are we.  Whether for business or pleasure, you’ll want to get ready for security check – if you’ve seen the movie, you know which line to choose – head to Flight 001 on W 3rd Street.  It’s full of design-heavy travel essentials like adapters, travel safe bottles, and packing aids alongside adorable passport wallets and things you didn’t know you need.

If you’re more the type to stop and smell the roses, a la Julie and Julia, rather than suffering a layover in Milwaukee, head to the Traveler’s Bookcase in West Hollywood for some inspiration.  With everything from standard guidebooks to items like Markets of Paris or Authentic Bistros of Paris you’ll definitely be able to find something well suited to you and your love of all things French and culinary.  Locally, you can stare down some of that delicious Brie and Gruyere at Bar Bouchon, the recently opened bar section of Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, and order up some charcuterie, a couple of tartines, and top it off with a sip or two of Grand Marnier.  Julia would have approved, such a good student.

Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, and Penelope Cruz didn’t wake up one day with the ability to dance like Dita von Teese in Nine.  Lucky for you, LA is practically a haven for studios that teach all kinds of moving and shaking. Stop by the Dance Doctor in Santa Monica for some Salsa, Swing, and Tango lessons.  Then we’ll get those hips really shaking with Intro to Pole Dance at Evolve Revolution Studios – by the time you’re ready for the Spinning Pole class, you’ll be stopping traffic.