Francis Ford Coppola Opened Napa Lunch Spot, Mammarella’s

Francis Ford Coppola has opened a new Italian restaurant, for, well, himself. The small deli/restaurant is tucked inside a park near the Napa County Airport, serves delicious food, but we wonder why a man who’s already branded himself as more of a winemaker, entrepreneur, and restaurant enthusiast would choose such an odd spot?  Well, it just so happens to be walking distance from the headquarters of his company, Francis Ford Coppola Presents LLC, he was tired of eating at the nearby Jonesy’s, and wanted a restaurant that cooked delicious Italian just like his grandmother.

BLTs are apparently the biggest sellers at Mammarella’s, and the restaurant has been open since last summer for breakfast and lunch only. They even post their specials daily by 11:00 A.M. on their Facebook page.

Via: Grub Street San Francisco