Culinary News

Every once in a while, it’s good to get a small dose of random food-related news from around the city. Here are some interesting little pieces of information for restaurants, wine, and top chef contestants.

In Gramercy, a restaurant called Duck’s Eatery is opening, according to a press preview invite. Susan Sarandon & Co. are opening the restaurant inside their new ping pong club, SPiN and will serve “spectator food.”

In the upper east side, a tipster reported that Bruno Jamais closed after New Years. The seven year-old space that was run by a Daniel alum, was known for its nightlife-like atmosphere, but the food wasn’t so hot.

Eric Asimov, the Times’ wine man, talked about wine pairings recently. He admitted that he really doesn’t care about wine and food pairings, and feels that wine superstar Gary Vaynerchuk’s “overly serious analysis,” along with serious wine blog Dr. Vino, and Do Bianchi “is an unintentional mockery that is less funny than sad.”

Random Top Chef News: Tom likes gin and tonics, the judging often takes five hours (more if it’s the finale), the judges are all very proud of Harold, and they loved Kevin from the recent season.

Via: Eater NY