Christie’s Auctioning Mid-1780s Art

As the oldest (and largest) 19th century painting that Christie’s have ever offered up for auction, this Old Master painting will be available at their Old Master & 19th Century Paintings, Drawings, & Watercolors event in New York on January 27. Painted in the the mid-1780s, Le Pont Sur Le Torrent by Hubert Robert measures over 20 feet wide by 13 feet high, and is estimated to be worth anywhere from $2 million-$3 million. This masterpiece was previously purchased by the Duc de Luynes for the dining room of his mansion in Paris in 1925, and then was won at an auction by William Randolph Hearst, which at the time, decorated his beachfront castle in late 1927, in Sands Point, Long Island. This castle was purchased to become a retreat for his wife, Millicent. With its vast history and level of nobel importance, this work of art that hasn’t been seen in public for over 50  years can now be yours.