Cerciello Spreads His Chicken Wings

Jeffrey Cerciello, the Laundryman’s (Thomas Keller) right hand man and co-author of Bouchon’s cookbook, is reportedly flying solo. Cerciello has been the Director of Casual Dining for a decade at the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.

During that time, he’s launched AND run all three Bouchon restaurants, plus Ad Hoc in Yountville. The San Francisco Chronicle was the first to drop the bomb about his solo project.

Cerciello is reportedly looking to open a casual restaurant somewhere north of San Francisco in Marin County, plus a “gourmet market and cafe” down in Southern California. However, he’s staying on in various capacities until June, “helping Keller flesh out any outstanding project. We have to admit, it is pretty notable because it implies that Thomas Keller might have some new projects in the works this spring.