Borrego Ranch Resort & Spa Closes Its Doors

A luxury resort in southern California is going to be closing its doors today. Purchased by GH Capital in 2007 for the sum of $4.5 million, the Borrego Ranch Resort & Spa was previously known as “La Casa del Zorro.”

This 42-acre resort included 44 poolside rooms and 19 one-to-four-bedroom “casitas.” Although it was said to be more relaxing than Palm Springs, it seems as though the timing was off, because after 50 years of business, the resort has finally closed down, and that’s bad news to many, as it was also the second-largest employer in Borrego Springs, with around 65-70 permanent staff members.

So, if unfortunately you have a pending booking with them, you can call (800) 824-1884 for a full refund.

Via: Luxury Property