Basil Twist’s Petrushka: Redefine What You Know About Puppets

Admittedly, the last time you enjoyed a puppet show, you were roughly 3 1/2 feet tall.  And frankly, back then, the puppets were more scarring than entertaining.  Now everyone’s favorite puppeteer is trying to change the way we think of puppets and their all-black-clad actor/masters.

Coming to the Broad Stage for six performances from February 4 – 7, Basil Twist presents the most innovative version of Petrushka you’ll ever see.  The story of three magical puppets – Petrushka the clown, the Ballerina, and the Moor – Petrushka was originally performed by the legendary Ballet Russes and was composed by Stravinsky.  Only now, as a direct result of Mr. Twist’s remarkable imagination, are these puppets actually played by puppets as their stories intertwine at a Russian carnival.  With nine puppeteers working behind the scenes, two Russian pianists performing Stravinsky’s whimsical and complex score, and three puppets who have already graced the stage at Lincoln Center, Jacob’s Pillow, and the Zeum Theatre in San Francisco, it was only a matter of time until they made their LA debut.  Hopefully there will be a few agents in the audience ready to make these up-and-comers a big part of their portfolio.  They’re way beyond doing kid’s parties.

Basil Twist’s Petrushka will be on at the Broad Stage from February 4 – 7. Click here for more information.