Masaharu Morimoto’s Meat Packing Restaurant

If you’re daring enough to play the Japanese Roulette, here’s a seasonal taste at Masaharu Morimoto’s Meat Packing restaurant. For a limited time, the lethally poisonous fugu, commonly known as puffer fish is prepared to order. The catch? It’s fresh, it’s celebrated, but the notorious dish is limited to only five orders a day. Served in three artistic parts that you won’t get anywhere else, the plate comes with tastings of the bone, sashimi, and sake. Yes, the fish bones, deep fried to perfection that melts in your mouth. There is also an incorporation of sak√©, where once again, the bones of the puffer are reduced inside your Japanese rice wine. And lastly, the meat of the porcupine fish itself is prepared only by the “Omakase” chef, licensed after 24 years of training in the purist of forms.

Photo above by Pepper Hopper Stone.

Photo by: David Joseph