Asian Food Festival To Hit New York

A marketing company, Luckyrice is trying to push Asian culinary culture to the states. Today, they announced that they were going to launch an Asian food festival, which will be followed by restaurant week this spring. It won’t be anything like the New York Wine and Food Festival, but the roster of big names involved include Chang, Ripert, Morimoto, Boulud, Michael Huynh, and Vongerichten. Morimoto in Tribeca is holding a major tasting event/karaoke party at the Bowery Hotel. There will be an Asian street food market hosted by David Chang, and there will be more from Anita Lo, Pichet Ong, and even a cameo from Kelly Choi. Tickets go on sale next month. The festival will run from April 29-May 2, and the restaurant week will run from May 3-9.

Via:  Eater NY