Apple iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose

Two months ago, Stuart Hughes revealed the Apple iPhone 3GS Supreme. Worth about $2.78 million, it was proclaimed to be the most expensive cell phone on the market…that is, until the iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose was unveiled. Priced at about $2.8 million, this rosy version includes a very rare 7.5ct single cut diamond. Consisting of a mix of platinum, rose gold, and 130 diamonds, it has up to 97.5 ct on just the front of the devise. A rose gold Apple logo with 53 diamonds is on the back. We’re certain that the four pink baguette diamonds on the front that total up to 10 cts has added on to its price tag. Aimed for a female following with its the pink diamonds, it is absolutely any ladies’ ultimate success-ory.

Via: Luxury Launches