A Croquet Kind of Heaven

Congratulations to Jerry Stark, Meadowood’s own croquet professional, for helping to bring home the Solomon Trophy for the first time in U.S. history!

The USA Croquet Team recently beat Great Britain during the Solomon Trophy Test Match that was held December 4-7 in Rancho Mirage at the Mission Hills Country Club. This is quite a feat considering the lengthy and time consuming process, not to mention the consistent successes needed in order to win the title. The Solomon Trophy Test is played as the best out of 21 matches, each match consisting of the best out of three games. Confused? Not up to date with your competitive croquet rules and regulations? Can’t remember the last time you heard the term, mallet? Let me clear it up for you, croquet-ically speaking, of course. Twelve single matches and nine double matches are played. The team that wins 11 out of those matches is the recipient of the croquet world’s coveted Solomon Trophy. The contest began between the two countries back in 1985, and this is the first time since, that the U.S.A. Team has taken home the trophy and earned the coveted title.

Stark himself is a proud member of the U.S.A. team and is the fifth ranked player in the United States. He’s also the 42nd ranked Croquet player in the entire world! He has won five national titles, has been inducted into the American Croquet Hall of Fame, and has been selected to play on 16 U.S.A. teams during his croquet-filled lifetime. The awarded Solomon Trophy will remain in the United States until the next Test Match is contested in England, which will take place in 2011.