World’s Tallest Cake

An upcoming wedding that will be held in North Ayrshire, Scotland must have one of the largest guests lists ever, as their wedding cake stands at a towering 9 feet tall. As Britain’s biggest wedding cake, it measures 9 feet tall and 5.5 feet wide and took pastry chef/cake-maker Michael Burns almost 3 months to complete it for his wedding to his partner, Stephen. The tower contains 3,000 Swarovski crystals, plenty of mixed fruit, 20 kilos of marzipan, 3,000 eggs and 20 bottles of rum.

“Friends are all expecting something fantastic because we got voted the best in the Scottish wedding industry last year, so the pressure was on me to turn up with something absolutely spectacular,” said Burns. “We’re getting a loan of some diamonds tomorrow and we’re putting them on the cake because we love sparkle.” The 15 tiers of cake is enough to feed 20,000 people, but Michael assures that he is donating the leftovers to charity.

The floor in the marquis had to be strengthened to take on the cake’s weight, and a forklift was needed to transport it to the wedding venue. “There was one moment when I held my breath watching the top tier going on and hoping that it would go on and stay up there,” said Anne Peters, who works at the reception hall. “We’re delighted to see the cake in its condition today and can’t wait for the wedding tomorrow.” Seems like the ultimate symbol of love, doesn’t it? A cake to symbolize the strength and height of the love they feel for each other. Awww!