Who’s Decorating the White House?

In presidential news: the Obamas have chosen Simon Doonan, creative director for Barney’s, as the official Christmas decorator of the White House for this holiday season. No word yet on what his plans for the presidential palace will be, and it looks like they will be kept a secret until the unveiling. However, a tree will be involved, which was delivered by horse drawn carriage the day after Thanksgiving, along with children’s artwork, which is always a crowd pleaser.

Seems serendipitous that Doonan was chosen since his husband, Jonathan Adler has been quoted as referring to his life partner as an “obese elf.” Perhaps Santa sent a little help. Whatever the plans, there is little doubt that this Christmas at the White House will be one to remember. Considering that Doonan has described his own Greenwich Village apartment as a “glamorous romper room” and a “palatial gay fantasia,” I hope he adds some of his whimsical personal taste to the plan.

Via New  York Magazine