W Hollywood Graces Iconic City

The W Hollywood Residences successfully accomplished to take their vision of capturing classic Hollywood glamour in a modern way. “We wanted to combine the iconic brand that is Hollywood and combining it with an iconic intersection, and putting it also in a modern context,” explains Marty Collins, President and CEO of Gatehouse Capital. “It’s important to have places like the Pantages across the street, and important to be next to Capital Records, iconic spots in the city.”

The W’s rooftop has a beautiful view of the Pacific ocean and of downtown, while catering to a clientele of people who lead a 24/7 lifestyle. The W successfully mirrors that lifestyle by including a luxury hotel, spa, and restaurant for clients to enjoy. Black and white colored beds remind you of Old Hollywood black and white pictures starring the likes of Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, and William Holden. It’s pretty difficult not to love the concept and appreciate the beauty and architecture of the W Hollywood Residences, because the hotel literally puts you in the center of the city.

“Our clients are usually people who have high-pressure jobs that demand late hours, and the last thing they want to worry about when they get home is having to take care of certain things like making a dinner reservation, etc. Whatever their request is, we’ll take care of it for you,” says Jim McPartlin, the W’s General Manager. It is no secret that the W attracts celebrity clientele, and the W balances taking care of celebrity requests in the same way that they take care of their regulars and residents.

“Hollywood is a very iconic city in many minds across the world that represents entertainment, energy, and people. The W Hollywood required a very iconic solution, giving life to this Hollywood environment and living a modern lifestyle,” says Eddie Abetyta, lead architect. The W certainly lives up to that attitude and image, with it’s a very high-class operation that focuses on Hollywood’s quality of life. “Its not only a residential hotel, but it has an amazing spa, food, and all the elements that engage people in the Hollywood energy and environment. The W is also focused on energy conservation. Once you move in, your living experience will never be the same because the hotel has that idea of the red carpet that greets you at the front door, like classic Hollywood style events.” The W puts people in touch with their imagination on what Hollywood is all about.

In addition to an extraordinarily modern lifestyle change, residential owners will gain VIP access to the restaurant and to the hotel’s nightclub. “With the setting of the city and the beauty of all the women who live here, clubbing becomes all that more important and fun. I wanted to model nightclubs in Vegas,” boasts Victor Drai, nightlife visionary.

For more information, visit the W Hollywood homepage, or call (323) 469-8800. Feel free to take a look at the videos below:

W Hollywood President and CEO

W Hollywood General Manager

W Hollywood Lead Architect

W Hollywood Nightlife Visionary