TV Dinners Never Sounded So Good

One could say that Las Vegas is a trendy spot, right?  Fashion trends, food trends, housing trends, you name it, Las Vegas stays up to date on all things worthwhile and certainly in the now. And with the help of Chef Kerry Simon, a new trend is being pushed onto Las Vegas’ dining horizon. Except for this time, it’s not with over-the-top, overly frilly entrees that are so small and delicate you need five servings just to satisfy your hunger. Instead, Simon is introducing comfort food onto Vegas’ food scene. Dishes are low key, but delicious just the same. And even though it is comfort food, you’re probably thinking that because it’s in Vegas, it’s served in an extravagant way, right? Well you’re wrong. The comfort dishes are being served in old fashioned TV trays. Actually, I can’t think of anything less extravagant or posh.

The Palms Place Hotel is now offering Simon’s comfort dishes on their room service menu. Instead of ordering Foie Gras or Caviar off  the menu while your lounging in your suite, why not go with something way more appetite fulfilling? How about some old fashioned meatloaf with peas and carrots? Or better yet, why not give the Southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes a go? Just be careful not to drop any of that there chicken grease or gravy on the terrycloth robe you’re likely wrapped up in.

Via: Food and Wine