Have Some, Dim Sum More

When posed with the question as to where the best dim sum in New York City is, restaurant critic Robert Sietseman had one name in mind-Dun Huang Seafood Restaurant. Formally known as the Oriental Food Restaurant, Dun Huang Seafood has complete turned over a new leaf and is now arguably the best place to get your dim sum fix.

Take a stroll over on Mott Street just north of Canal and you will see that things have surely changed. The dining room is now spruced up with gold-colored fabric covering the chairs, and waiters and waitress are dressed in tailored suits and red silk ties. But it isn’t so much what you see that will delight you; it is what you will taste.

Take for starters the Shanghai meatballs sprinkled with orange rind, equally as scrumptious as its predecessor. And then the feast the har gao, pie wat (pork spear ribs) and the ha chong, each clean tasting, perfectly steamed and just the right amount of ingredients put together. The boa served was light, fluffy and filled with meat filling. While the shrimp rice noodle rolls will have you asking for a fork, make no mistake this is quality food at its best.

Although there isn’t much variety available, everything served here is fresh and delicious. You won’t be offered jellyfish, steamed clams with black bean sauce, or jellied beef tendon, however, Dun Huang does serve up a perfect translucent sweet-potato starch dumpling in the shape of a goldfish complete with salted egg yoke for the eyes.

So there you have it. The best dim sum in New York City is at Dun Huang Seafood Restaurant, complete with a new name and a better taste.

Via: Village Voice