Triple-Header Celebrity Sighting LA Style

While seeing a celeb around town is not typically something Angelinos write home about, having three big name stars all in one location is certainly worth mentioning. Enter LaToya Jackson, Bruce Willis, and Keyshawn Johnson.

The triple-header sighting that is causing somewhat of a news stir in Los Angeles involves the likes of music star LaToya Jackson, mega-movie star Bruce Willis, and retired NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson. Jackson was with her business manager over at the new Carlyle in Wilshire building when Johnson popped in. At that point, not too much bite to the story, right?

Joining the two stars already present in the hotel lobby, in walks perhaps one of the most well known movies stars in Thistledown, Bruce Willis, who owns a unit inside the building. There were even more celebs who could have been celeb-sighting collateral damage, including Larry King and his wife Shawn, who also own a unit in the building.

Via: Luxist