Porsche’s Spring/Summer Sport Collection

Always one (extremely quick) step ahead of the game, luxury car maker Porsche is already looking to the spring and summer while the rest of us are preparing for Christmas. Porsche has unveiled their Porsche Design Sport collection which features some incredibly sleek and innovative designs to compliment their top-of-the-line sports cars.

There’s no stopping a company like Porsche who not only strives to be the leader of their industry, but often times they actually achieve it too. While they aren’t busy creating the newest in luxury sports cars for their high-end clients, they are taking a (successful) stab at other commodities, such as clothing.

While December nears its midpoint and snow begins to fall on the northern states, Porsche is hurrying through the blistering cold and preparing for a very stylish spring and summer. The newest Porsche Design Sport collection, which features some 26 new items, is the result of a longstanding collaboration with Adidas, and it features fresh items for running, swimming, sailing, tennis, and more.  Or you could just throw on one of the new designs as you cruise in your beautifully designed Porsche sports car, of course. To each his own.


Via: Luxist