Ten of the Most Exquisite and Expensive Desserts

Looking for something sweet? Take a gander at these works of art, not only are they delicious but also the world’s most expensive dessert.

1.    Strawberries a la Arnaud–Priced at $4.1 million, these strawberries are sprinkled with mint, cream and a sparkling 5-carat pink diamond ring. Only in New Orleans can you find this sweet treat, but rest assured the price is well worth the experience, a jazz band will serenade you as well.

2.    The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Decadence-If you are in the market for an Aquamarine gem, why not get a sweet treat to go along with it. Priced at $14, 500 and at a hefty 80 carats, the gem is presented on a hand made chocolate stilt fisherman and hand made glass utensils. That’s a new way to go fishing.

3.    Pierre Herme’s Macarons-Try these haute couture cookies made of only the richest ingredients. These world-renowned macarons are made with ingredients such as fleur de sel and balsamic vinegar, plus Chef Herme’s chocolate ganache recipe. At $7, 414+ customers get a special “fitting” to customize their recipe, which is made to order and can be personalized for any occasion.

4.    Golden Cake-This is no sponge cake from a Betty Crocker Box; at a $1,000 this desert takes the cake. Present in a sterling silver handcrafted box, the cake is covered in 24 carat gold leaf, with a medley of fruits that have been marinating in Jamaican rum for two years and a sprinkling of shaved caramelized black truffles.

5.    Chocolate Schmorgasbord-If you can’t decide which desert to order? Try the chocolate dish at Lebua Hotel at State Tower. Priced at only $640 this rich dessert comes complete with champagne sherbet (made from Louis Roderer Cristal Brut 2000), gold- flecked edible leaves, crème brulee with shaved Perigord truffles, strawberry chocolate mousse, and a taste of chocolate cake. Plus a glass of Moyet Tres Vieille Grande Champagne No. 7-decadence all the way.

6.    The Madeleine Truffle-It is a long process before these heavenly treats can be enjoyed. At $250 per truffle Chocolatiere Fritz Knipschildt, presents them in a silver box with their very own personal note. Made of Valrhona chocolate and infused with vanilla pods and pure truffle oil, then rolled again in Valrhona makes this the number six dessert.

truffle7.    Imperial Torte-This royal treat can be found in Hotel Vienna. Priced at $30 the torte is presented in a pretty wooden box. Made with almond, marzipan and cocoa crème and covered in a milk-chocolate glaze, the dessert was created in honor of Emperor Franz Josef I.

8.    The Peacock Alley’s Semifreddo-Traditionally this dessert is served at private parties in the hotel. The $50 dessert consists of a chilled mousse on a crushed biscuit base and decorated with a gold leaf. Then a touch of decadence is added with prunes soaked in Louis XVI and vanilla-truffle foam. Yum!

9.    Chocolate Balls
-These spherical delights consist of a thin chocolate shell covered in chocolate sauce. Inside a flavor explosion of lemon tart with clotted cream or passion fruit soufflé with mango burst into delight the palette. Only $48 will get you a taste.

10.    Edible Purse-Pastry Chef, Laurent Jeannin of Hotel Le Bristol is responsible for the creation of the edible satchel. The chocolate shell holds a delicious serving of mint cream drizzled with raspberry sauce. Priced at $43.50.

Via: Born Rich