RoboVault Protects Valuables from Mass Destruction

Ever felt that no safe was too safe for your valuables in case of a catastrophe or upcoming hurricane? Most Floridians know what that feels like, with all the different hurricane warning we get every year and the madness that follows. First, there are the lines outside of the gas stations, then there’s the line at the local Home Depot as people frantically search for a means of protecting their homes, cars, and valuables. Here’s something you may have not heard about. Ft. Lauderdale opened up a service called RoboVault, which opened earlier this year, and lent itself to protecting all locals’ valuables from both theft and bad weather.

RoboVault is a completely enclosed robotic retrieval and storage system made of concrete and steel. It allows you to drive inside the building to leave your car in there, as it can withstand Category 5 hurricanes and 200-mph winds. Once the system has identified you with scanning, heartbeat detection, and a biometric recognition, an automated arm will remove your vehicle to an assigned container. When the region is tested by the inevitable hurricane, a large scale power outage will be neutralized by RoboVault’s back-up generator. It maintains 100% of the building’s electrical operations for two weeks, including the motion detectors and infrared alarms.

RoboVault is also great for housing wines, as it contains a climate-controlled wine cellar for 4,000 bottles, as well as safe deposit boxes. They even have a business center and wine-tasting lounge if you have time to spare, and a valet service that will retrieve your car if you call ahead. Now that’s just what we needed.

Via: Luxist