New Film Short from Christina Ricci and Donna Karan

Donna Karan has been quite the busy bee this season. Earlier this month she hosted a party celebrating the release of her best friend and mentor’s Trudie Styler new DVD series, Warrior Yoga.

Now fans of the famed designer are getting a special video treat with the launch of Karan’s two-minute short Four Play starring Christina Ricci, filmed on site at the Soho Grand Hotel. The plot follows Ricci’s character, portrayed as four different women—a dreamer, an expressionist, a paramour and a voyeur. All four versions of Ricci are lounging in the penthouse suite, giving quite a bit of exposure to the luxury hotel.

While Ricci and the Soho Grand are getting their fair share of attention in Four Play, the main angle of the short is to shine the spotlight on Karan’s new Eldridge boho bag, which features convertible straps and snap buttons so it can be carried four different ways.

Considering Karan’s close connection with the Styler/Sting family, it comes as little surprise that Sting’s son, Jake Sumner, directed the production. From the high profile actors, to the big name hotel, to the designer’s tote, Four Play has enough star power to pique the interests of a myriad of industries.