Louis Vuitton Ditches Madge

Louis Vuitton recently replaced Madonna with a younger model as their new face for the brand.  Her name is Lara Stone, and she is reportedly 38 year old British comedian David Williams’ newest flame. We’re thinking Madonna’s not too thrilled about this, as it is usually an older woman’s biggest nightmare to lose anything to a younger, prettier gal. While the Pop Music Diva celebrated her half-century last year, Dutch beauty Lara is just 25. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lara was specifically chosen for the Spring/Summer 2010 campaign by Madonna’s good friend, Marc Jacobs. “After two seasons with such a huge star, Marc decided to take a breather and work with a model,” said a Louis Vuitton spokesman, and described the new campaign as “whimsical, young and optimistic.” Unfortunately, two of those can’t be applied to Madge. Who do you think looks better as a Louis Vuitton cover girl?

Via: Daily Mail, The Sun