Lessons from 2009: Changes in Miami’s Food Scene

As the New Year rolls around we must all take a look back and make our resolutions. However, this concept is not only limited to our personal lives and wishes to hit the gym more often, but it works on a community level as well, and in this case, the topic is the food scene of Miami. Just as sky rises rise and cities develop, so does the food industry of this city, constantly evolving and building on itself. In that manner, we should take a look at the changes that occurred through the last year, and what could help encourage more growth in the next year.

For one, we find that the recession did play a part, although possibly not as large a role as would be imagined with what appears to be no more losses than any other year. Some of the victims that were hit, however, include Brosia, Cacao, North One 10, Table 8, Tuscan Steak and Au Pied Cochon.  Simultaneously, some restaurants swept in and although they were thought to have opened this year, most actually debuted in December of 2008 such as Area 31, Meat Market, Scarpetta, and Sra. Martinez.

Another lesson of the year is that although America certainly does not need any more hamburgers, it seems people just can’t get enough. Many new places such as Burger and Beer Joint, and Clarke’s and Kingdom have joined the burger ranks, while others such as Five Guys and Fatburger just kept expanding.

As far as drinks, it seems the passion for wine bars has begun to dwindle, and cocktail concoctions are taking their place.

This year has given one important tip for restaurants, which is to find a great chef and try to stick with them.  It seems some restaurants such as Canyon Ranch are having a few issues, probably due to constantly changing chefs, while the constant nature of chef Pascal Oudin of Pascal’s on Ponce and Philippe Ruiz of Palme d’Or have helped their respective restaurants stay on top. Palme d’Or snagged best décor, service, and food in Miami Zagat ratings.

Clearly, Miami keeps evolving and learns, and trends change or remain, but what is it that keeps Miami on top?  Food bloggers could be considered a prime ingredient in helping to create the Miami food scene. Their input as to what people want to see has brought on gastro trucks and underground dinners already, and hopefully will lead to many new things for the new year.

Via: Miami New Times