Cruising the Necker

For those of you wishing you could jet, er, I mean cruise around the world in style like the fabulous Richard Branson, your dreams can now be made into reality. Necker Belle, Branson’s 105-foot catamaran has just finished being refitted and is now up for grabs for chartering services. A billionaire giving back to others, now that’s what I like to hear! And you will absolutely die when you step foot aboard this queen of the seas. The yacht has four staterooms, all with water views and a lounge area that can be converted into a double cabin. Up to eight guests can fit in the combined resting areas but there’s obviously plenty more “chill” space in the vessel’s other areas. The interior takes on a Virgin Islands beach vibe which I guess isn’t so shocking since Branson spends so much time there. While not out on charters, the beauty will be stored in Necker Island at Branson’s British Virgin Island luxurious abode. Beginning in February, Miss Belle will be available for $96,997 per week. Sounds like one heck of way to escape your everyday routine and lead a marvelous life on the high seas.

Via: Jameslist