Legionnaire’s Disease Causes Area 31 to Close…Indefinitely

It has been reported that the ultra modern EPIC Hotel in Brickell’s restaurant Area 31 has been closed…indefinitely. Why? Oh, just a little Legionnaire’s Disease outbreak that killed a European tourist back in September.

Why would something this awful occur, you ask? Apparently, the EPIC Hotel’s specially installed filtration system removed most of the chlorine from the city water, and something went terribly wrong. Ironically, the hotel installed said filtration system in order to better the quality of their drinking water. Area 31 takes its name, and sources much of its product from Fishing Area 31, which is a clean, ecologically sustainable swath of the Western Central Atlantic Ocean.

Sadly, Area 31 had been listed as one of Esquire’s top new restaurants this year, but the outbreak was noticed when three hotel guests were diagnosed with the disease. Well, that can’t possibly be good for business. Nobody is answering the restaurant phone, but workers at the hotel said it would be closed indefinitely until city workers could come in and check things.

Via: Eater, Miami New Times