Invitation Only: The Exclusive Ferrari F70

The time Ferrari enthusiasts have been waiting for may be inching closer as speculation heats up surrounding the long-awaited “Enzo on steroids”, the Ferrari F70.

For Ferrari aficionados, the Ferrari F70 is the pinnacle of what it means to drive in style, and do it extremely quickly. The F70 is the long-awaited successor to the coveted Ferrari Enzo, and as speculation surrounding its arrival on the market heats up, so does the exclusivity of the car.

The F70 is expected to be limited to only 399 examples, scheduled for delivery in 2012, and priced in the $964,000 range. But those limitations aren’t the only thing that will keep some people at bay; the exquisite speedster is also reported to be available by invitation only. Just like the legendary Ferrari FXX, interested buyers in the F70 will need a personal invitation from Ferrari in order to have the privilege of purchasing one.

For the F70, famed Italian luxury brand Ferrari are rumored to be using a twin-turbo V8 for the F70, allowing the vehicles small size to be lighter, faster, and more fuel efficient than its predecessor, the Enzo. How will Ferrari do this, you ask? It’s said that they will be employing technology from the equally exclusive FXX car, and using carbon fiver body panels and carbon-ceramic brakes.  

While the F70 is not going to far exceed the Enzo’s V12 output of 660 hp, the F70 is going to go much faster. With the F70’s engine, experts are banking on the car to go from 0-60 in three seconds, and have a top speed of 230 mph. If that’s fast enough for you, keep checking your mail for the highly desirable invitation. Otherwise, you may just have to enjoy the ride in someone else’s passenger seat—which probably isn’t a horrible compromise either.