Have a Very Haute Holiday Season with Louis XIII, from Remy Martin

I didn’t believe it was possible for Remy Martin to become a more luxurious brand than it already is, but that’s exactly what they have done. The most inspiring name in cognac has introduced a rare cask of Louis XIII, just in time for the holiday season. The Louis XIII brandy is already the most exclusive from the Remy Martin line, and this unique offering includes a black crystal decanter created by Baccarat.

This Louis XIII Rare Cask elixir is valued at 20,000 Euro (30,189 USD) and is bottled from a single cask identified by Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet. Trichet declared that this particular cask could never be duplicated due to its exquisite blend of “nature and nurture.” The brandy is up from 40 percent to 43.8 percent alcohol content.

The Louis XIII rare cask is available in a limited and numbered edition of 786. The decanter is made from black crystal, thus creating a unique use for the precious stone. Baccarat also made the neck of the bottle from palladium, which is more commonly found on a designer watch.

Without doubt it’s the most haute product available this year from the most haute brand in cognac. Indulge your friends this holiday season with this unique, very collectable offering from the finest brandy producers in the world. The delicate taste alone will fill you with enough festive cheer to last the whole season.  Go on, treat yourself.