Haute 5 Comfort Foods in New York: The Feasting Time of Year is Here

The holidays are a time of frantic frenzy for last minute gifts, hustle and bustle in the Fifth Avenue crowds, and capping the day’s events by snuggling with friends to warm toes by the fire. From quick-fix food remedies for the holiday panic, to goodies even a holiday party hostess with the most particular palate will adore, Haute Living has 5 comfort food categories to satisfy the crave and bring it home.

Hot Chocolate
Visions of swirling hot cocoa and soft billowing marshmallows will calm, relax and warm even
the weariest of souls. With locations scattered across the city,

Mariebelle is a convenient decadent treat. European made with water or American with Milk, house favorites are “Aztec” and “the Spicy,” which arrives in a steamy effervescence of Nutmeg and Cinnamon.

A stroll past the holiday lights and a spin on the ice rink at Bryant Park isn’t complete without a
polished stop at Lily O’Brien Irish Chocolate Cafe. Hang your Bauers at the door and indulge in a secret recipe calling for 100% Belgian chocolate carefully melted at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and a heavy whisking and fresh topping of whipped cream, marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate flakes.

For a trip the whole family will enjoy, Jacques Torres at 350 Hudson Street offers a near modern-day Willy Wonka adventure. Transforming cocoa beans into chocolate bars before your eyes, Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven is a world of childhood dreams coming true.

Jacques Torres