Exousia Luxury Water: Liquid Gold

While many people have already given and received their holiday gifts, it’s never too late for a touch of luxury. How about a touch of luxury in the form of gold water to kick off the New Year in extremely exclusive style?

While people are always searching for the hautest and most exclusive products to make them stand out from the pack, rarely does that search come to be in the form of something so tiny yet luxurious as Exousia’s Luxury Water, made from pure gold.

Filled to the brim with anti-stress and anti-aging elements that help you remain healthy in mind and body, Exousia’s golden water is perhaps one of the most divine ways to ensure 2010 is a happy and healthy year.

Exousia doesn’t claim that their golden distillation will save the economy (especially with a price tag of $24,000) but they do maintain that their drink has significant health benefits. If you’re one of those people who must have the latest and greatest in luxury products, this may be the answer to all of your golden prayers.