Epstein & Rothstein: It Takes Two to Tango

Billionaire, philanthropist, and convicted child sex offender, Jeffery Epstein has served his time, but the lawsuits keep coming. In a twisted battle of the accused, the lawyer representing several of Epstein’s victims is none other than Scott Rothstein.

American financier, billionaire, and philanthropist, Jeffery Epstein plead guilty to solicitation of underage girls for sex in 2007 which landed him in jail for a year. Epstein served his time and was released in July, however, some of the women involved have civil lawsuits pending against him. To make things even more complicated, the lawyer chosen to represent many of the victims is Scott Rothstein, who is in his currently elbow deep in his own problems as he stands accused of leading a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme.

All of this isn’t going to make Epstein sit back and quietly wait to see what happens, he’s taking action of his own. This week, Epstein filed suit against Rothstein accusing them of “prejudicing his defence of criminal and civil actions related to his alleged sexual activities.” He is also claiming that Rothstein used his name to attract investors to the Ponzi scheme claiming, “falsely”, that 51 women had sued him for his sexual misconducts, instead of the actual three. Epstein is also taking action because, according to reports, Rothstein said Epstein had agreed to settle the pending suits for $200 million—which Epstein says is completely untrue.

Now it’s a waiting game—as the dance between the power-players ensues, the public will wait and see who comes out on top, if you can really call it that.