Drew Nieporent Discusses Las Vegas

Highly respected restaurateur Drew Nieporent recently had some things on his mind regarding the state of Las Vegas dining, and contrary to Donald Trump’s recent observations, Nieporent believes one place in Vegas has hit the spot.

Drew Nieporent recently appeared on Bloomberg television to discuss a multitude of topics including the general state of dining to London’s resemblance to New York City 10 years ago. But what really got some haute heads turning was Nieporent’s perspective on one of the most talked about additions to the Vegas dining scene: CityCenter.

While Donald Trump was recently showing some tough love for the new development complex that has taken over Las Vegas, Nieporent believes that CityCenter will be successful because it’s new, but it’s success may negatively impact a lot of other places in Vegas. Nieporent also notes that while Las Vegas is a wonderful place to visit for its restaurants, many of them are “oversaturated.”

Everyone has an opinion lately about CityCenter and what it’s going to do (or not do) for Las Vegas—what’s your opinion?