Continuing with Cage’s Real Estate Drama

Most likely actor Nicolas Cage will spend New Year’s Eve breathing in a deep sigh of relief that 2009 has finally come to its much-anticipated end.

While many made it through the year financially unscathed, Cage cannot claim such fortunate twists of fate, and his bank account troubles have remained sources of inspiration for national bloggers. The latest news in Cage’s world of depreciating real estate is the sale of his 3,480-square-foot house in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. Located at 6266 Mulholland Highway, the 1960s abode doesn’t offer much in terms of surprises or over-the-top features, as it is a typical two-bedroom, three-bath house with an open floor plan, city views, fireplace and pool. Considering the troubles many have had lightening their real estate portfolios in 2009, we congratulate Cage for selling the property at all, even if at a loss. He originally bought the Los Angeles home for 2005 for $1.8 million. He sold it in October for $1.375 million.

Via Big Time Listings