Books, Food, and Bastide

Now that the hoopla has finally settled over Bouchon’s recent opening, Bastide, Los Angeles’ newest bistro, has definitely become the latest talk of the town. The location was once home to Chef Walter Manzke. Later it became home to Paul Shoemaker, during which it received 3.5 stars. But now, the location has taken on a more casually chic feel with Chef Joseph Mahon taking the reins in the kitchen.

Although just the new chef alone is creating talk amongst LA’s restaurant connoisseurs, other elements are just plain hard to ignore and assure that they too will be factors in the bistro gaining major popularity with restaurant connoisseurs.  For starters, the décor takes on an over-the-top Andy Warhol approach, Campbell’s soup cans dangling from the ceiling and all. Bright colors are splashed against the interior walls with text running along some of them as well, surely sending some out-of-the-box art lovers over the edge with delight. There are even Warhol-inspired light fixtures, whatever that means. A soup can with a light bulb inside maybe? Who knows? Multitudes of modern art and countless stacks of Assouline books cover every inch of the bistro’s interior. But one of the most talked about features of Bastide is the actual bookstore concept. Those countless stacks of books I was talking about? Yup, they are all up for grabs, er, I mean sale. The French art, history, and design books make for a great read while sipping a refreshing cocktail at the bistro for lunch. The concept is fabulous, the chef, amazing, and the success, sure to be overwhelming.

Via: Eater