Chilly Flavors for the Holidays

It may be 35 degrees outside but that wont stop die hard soft serve lovers from trying Momofuku’s newest ventures in dessert flavors. Just in time for Christmas, Momofuku Milk bar and Momofuku Noodle bar are serving their newest ice cream flavors. For those visiting Milk bar, they are now serving Orange and Clove, Gingerbread and Sugar Cookie ice cream. Thick, creamy, and all around flavorful is what you will find. The sugar cookie ice cream tastes just like a cookie and the Orange and clove soft serve is like an orange creamsicle, with a bit of clove flavor at the end. Bringing holiday cheer there is a stollen loaf offered during the weekend. This fruit cake is drizzled with confectioner’s sugar icing and has dried currants, dried fruits and nuts and almond paste in the moist center.  And that’s not the end head over to Noodle Bar where you can find a Candy Cane or Mocha soft serve, topped off with chocolate chip cookie bits.

Via: The Food Doc.