Canada’s Queen Bee

Remington Centre will soon be bringing a new meaning to the phrase “shop until you drop.”

The new mixed-use complex will be the proud home to over 360 retail stores and will provide massive amounts of commercial as well as residential space. The complex is said to be the biggest multi-cultural shopping center in all of North America and one of the largest retail developments in Canada which obviously, is where it’s set to open. Never been to Canada? Well now’s your time to plan a trip and for a darn good reason too. But don’t start packing just yet-the ground on the project hasn’t even been broken yet. In fact, the plans were just released by Kohn Architects and development company, the Remington Group. Once the first phase is completed and the second one takes off, an additonal 20-story condominium tower will begin construction, encompassing 475 units and luxury suites. And the parking area is just as impressive as the rest of the plans: a six story garage with a total of 3,500 parking spaces! The center isn’t just for shopping purposes though, although you must admit it will do a damn good job in that department. Remington Centre will also serve several other entertainment purposes as well. The released plans show a six-acre outdoor public plaza, complete with a pond that converts into an ice rink in the colder, winter months. Plans are also in order to construct a stage area large enough to accommodate 2,000 people for weekly cultural performances. Some shopping here, taking in a live performance there, it all sounds wonderful! Groundbreaking is said to take place sometime in the next 24 months so it’s definitely going to be a while before we start seeing any real progress. But what’s even more definite is that once it’s all finished it will certainly have been worth the whole while.

Via: Luxury Launches