Haute Trend: Customized Rolex Watches

The used Rolex watch market has always been pretty busy because of the fact that Rolex watches have such an incredible ability to retain value. However, it’s still a tough decision on whether to purchase an older model when there’s always a new one available. One new trend that has actually taken the older model marker to the next level is taking the older Rolex watches and customizing them.

Often involving the addition of extra gold or precious jewels such as diamonds to the watch, this trend gives new value to old watches. Offering modified colors and materials on the Rolex models is a less expensive alternative that is also popular.

The most popular trend in Rolex watch modding is the all black look. Since there has never been a factory black Rolex watch, the market demands all kinds of black colored modifications to both new and older models. The most popular forms of black color treatment are either PVD or DLC coatings (the latter being more modern, but not as well refined in all instances as the much more common PVD treatment).

Time and Gems, an outfit located in Los Angeles offers many altered Rolex watches. Although Time and Gems is not an authorized Rolex dealer, they specialize in the sale of used Rolex timepieces and have recently dabbled into offering a growing selection of DLC (and PVD) black Rolex Submariners, Sea-Dwellers, GMT Masters, Explorers, Milgausses, and more. The image above is of a Time and Gems DLC black Rolex Submariner watch (priced at $6,500). While modified pre-owned Rolex watches cost more than unmodified Rolex watches, they are arguably more interesting, unique, and fashion-forward.

Via: Luxist