Buy a Motorcycle, Get a Yacht

If you’ve been going back and forth trying to decide whether to buy a new Harley Davidson or perhaps a new luxury yacht, this two-for-one deal may be the solution you’ve really been holding out for.

The custom-built Harley Davidson with a cleaned up frame has been modeled on a classic Harley Rocker bike and features hand-fashioned fenders and foldable handlebars which allow the bike to squeeze comfortably into its parking spot located in the luxury yacht being sold with the bike.

The yacht is the luxurious result of a collaboration between German custom bike builders House of Thunder and Turkish boat manufacturer Sunrise Yachts. With skin that matches the tside of the oumotorcycle, the yacht features a handy garage which shelters the Harley, a rescue boat, and a couple of jet-skis.

The package deal is going for $22.7 million.