Britto Vandalism, Oh No!

Romero Britto’s newest work at the entrance of South Beach at 5th and Alton was vandalized last week. Well, no official statement on what exactly happened to it has been released, but it was definitely visually damaged.

It’s only months old, so any type of reparation or maintenance is most likely out of the question. The larger-than-life palm crossing palm tree and beach ball installation sported silver graffiti-esque designs on it. This situation was especially unfortunate since Art Basel was only a few days away at time, but thankfully, the installation is now back to normal.

That was just rude! Britto has quickly become one of Miami’s most iconic artists and his work truly represents our vibrant city. The Miami native has made sure to leave a mark on his city and we should only be proud he’s one of us. No one wants to see our beautiful city’s artwork damaged.

Via: South Beach Real Estate