Bentley Motors Introduces Ski Gear

If you want to more than just dream about a White Christmas, head on over the lap of the Alps, the world’s skiing paradise. Two weeks ago, we introduced you to the ultra-chic Chanel skiing and snowboarding gear to kick start your snowy sports in high-end style. Now, we give you another way to upgrade your ski gear. Bentley Motors and Styling Studio has announced the launch of their Bentley Supersports skis, hand-made from Switzerland. The set includes handmade skis, poles and a ski bag. The Skiing sets are made from carbonfibers called Zaiira, developed by Zai. A new technology known as ExoGrid has been used on the ski poles. Zaiira has been used for ski tops, with natural rubber in the middle and carbon fabric together with chrome steel in the torsion. A custom designed ski bag completes the set. While you can’t put a price tag on skiing down the slopes in higher fashion than those around you, there are only 250-limitied edition sets. Each set will set you back $9,800.

Via: Luxury Launches