Oliver Stone Returns to New York

Anyone who knows and loves New York can’t blame American film director and screenwriter Oliver Stone for returning to the city and falling in love all over again. He fell so hard this time round that he even made a substantial purchase to prove his affection.

Oliver Stone was recently in New York City to shoot “Wall Street 2” when his love for New York, his former stomping grounds, just seemed to take possession of him again. Stone ended up purchasing the beautiful $1.9 million condo he was renting during the movie shoot.

As an ex-New Yorker who set up camp in Los Angeles, Stone is finally returning to his roots (at least as far as a condo signifies) with the purchase of a unit in One Morton Square. The luxury 1,600-square-foot condo is located in an infamous New York City building home to privacy-seeking celebrities such as Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, SNL’s Amy Pohler, and actors Will Arnett and Mike Myers.

Welcome back, Oliver.