Beatrice Inn Regulars Find Sweet Refuge…Elsewhere

It’s been nearly a year since the cozy yet hyped Beatrice Inn shut down and it’s just as well.

Known for their low ceiling, cheap drinks, and shiny disco ball, “The Bea’s” closing in April signaled the “shabby chic” era’s end. Out are the drugged Heath Ledgers socializing with wannabe hipsters, struggling artists, and rich school kids living off trust funds at this smoky venue. Truth is, the only time The Bea, funded mainly by Chloë Sevigny, saw big names was when it was rented out for private events. No big surprise as The Bowery Hotel, Rose Bar, New York Public Library, and MoMa are rented and receive stars just the same.

To most insiders, The Bea died long before its doors were shut and the quality of patrons had been going downhill as trendy folks and trust funders moved elsewhere. The Bea was only cool for the first eight months, as are most hot spots.

The crowds that frequented the locale now hit up the front bar of the Jane Ballroom, The Rose Bar, and The Box. But if you’re looking to smooze with celebs or the who’s who central, hit up André Balazs’s place, Boom Boom Room, at 848 Washington St. atop of the Standard Hotel. Madonna’s always there along with half of Hollywood. We’re also fans of Avenue, the gastropub from Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss.

Rumor has it a re-opening of The Beatrice Inn at a new location is among us but with the general boredom over meatpacking and The Jane thrown into the mix, it’s doubtful even former worshipers will give it the time of day.