When Will We Get a Taste of the District?

Restaurateur George Abou-Daoud might give you a quizzical look if you talked about recent economic contraction. When other businesses are closing their doors for good, he is right on schedule to open his sixth Hollywood restaurant. The newest member to his culinary family will be District, set to open next to The Mercantile on Sunset. In fact, all of the members Abou-Daoud family share the same one-mile strip with each other on Sunset Boulevard. The Mercantile garnered quite a bit of ink when it first opened, and District is sure to receive much of the same attention and praise. Though the details and pictures still remain scarce, we are expecting to officially welcome the new family member sometime in January. But for those who just can’t wait that long, get ready for New Year’s Eve. Come January, District will serve as Abou-Daoud’s first fine dining establishment, but for the last day of this year, expect all of the compliments of an open bar. The décor has been equated to something from 19th-century New York, and the complete opposite of big brother’s wine and ice cream at The Mercantile. Abou-Daoud’s favorite chef, Kris Morningstar, is planning creative plates like duck fat Yorkshire pudding, oysters with beer jelly, and chocolate terrine with black tea, shortbread, and blood orange.

Other members of the family include Bowery, Mission Cantina, Delancey, and Tamarind Ave. Deli.